Instant Food And Drink Thickener

Instant food thickening module to improve nutritional and fluid status of dysphagic patients.

SIZE : 300g Alu. Foil paper canister

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Instant Thickening Agent

Thixer is an instant food and beverage thickener – it is easy to use and safe for people suffering with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). It can be used in both hot and cold foods and liquids without affecting the taste.

Ingredients & Nutrition Panel

Ingredients: Processed Food Starch from Corn

How to Use 

How can I thicken a milky drink without getting lumpy?

Note 1: Liquid will behave differently depending on type, concentration and temperature, please make adjustments to suit your requirements.

Note 2: When feeding, do not have the spoon in the thickened liquid or stir it repeatedly as saliva on the spoon will change the consistency.


To be used to :
  • Increase consistency of food and liquid to help patients with swallowing difficulties.


  • Dissolve instantly
  • Excellent solubility & dispersibility
  • Mix readily to hot & cold liquid
  • No lumping
  • Microwave, steam-table stable & freeze-thaw stable
  • No maltodextrin added
  • Low sodium
  • Lactose & gluten free




Material Safety Data Sheet

Pharmacopoeias Compliance