Myotein® (300g)

Restores and Heals

Enteral protein module for use when higher protein requirement is needed.

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Myotein Malaysia | High quality whey protein supplement in Malaysia | Best Halal whey protein supplement in Malaysia
Myotein Malaysia | High quality whey protein supplement in Malaysia | Best Halal whey protein supplement in Malaysia

Instant Protein Powder Module

Protein is key to healthy tissue. We offer 100% high quality whey protein powder for people with increased protein needs, protein-energy malnutrition, protein deficiency, wound healing etc.

Why Is Protein So Important?

Rebuilds & Repairs New Cells, Muscles & Tissues

Also known as the Building Blocks of Life, protein repairs our cells and tissues, and makes new ones!


Did You Know?

This is why wounds are likely to heal faster if you take more protein.
Photos of holding people's hands to comfort them and covering wound with plaster
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Supports Our Immune System

Protein supports our immune system by helping to produce antibodies like Immunoglobulins and antioxidants like Glutathione¹.

¹References: Geoffrey al. JACN 2007 Vol 26, No.6 Emerging Health Properties of Whey Protein and their Clinical Implications

Our Body Needs Sufficient Protein Everyday To Function Properly

Sufficient protein intake is essential for several important functions of the body including growth & maintenance of tissues, regulation of metabolic reactions, pH level, fluid balance and much more².


Did You Know?

Unlike carbs and fats, our body does not store proteinover a long period of time, which is why we need to consume adequate protein everyday.

²Reference: Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD, 2018. 9 Important Functions of Protein in Your Body. Healthline.

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Building And Maintaining Muscles

Protein helps us to build and maintain muscle mass and strength which are crucial for us to operate our body freely, stay active, and perform daily tasks.

Protein is a Macronutrient

Macronutrients are nutrients which are required by the body in large amounts (required in grams).

Protein, carbs and fats are known as Macronutrients, while vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium etc are known as Micronutrients which are required by the body in a much smaller amount (required in miligrams or micrograms).

Healthy and Balanced Diet for Optimal Health and Well-being

Ingredients & Nutrition Panel

Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate

Nutrition Information of Myotein High Whey Protein

Recommended Dosage & Consumptions 


2 Scoops of Myotein High Whey Protein Per Serving (1 Scoop = 5g Protein)


Mix Myotein High Whey Protein with Beverage of Choice


Stir Well and Serve


Enjoy Myotein High Whey Protein Twice a Day


Providing Additional Protein Support For :
  • Pre & Post Operative
  • Trauma, Burn, Cancer
  • Stress & Surgery
  • Mineral & Electrolyte-Restricted Diets
  • Elderly On Long Term Care


  • Instantised Powder
  • Excellent Solubility
  • Mixes Readily With Most Formula, Food & Beverages
  • No Altering Taste
  • Low Fat & Carbohydrate
  • Low Mineral & Electrolyte
  • Gluten Free

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