Extra Calories To Achieve Sufficient Energy Requirement

Enteral carbohydrate module for use when additional calories are required.

SIZE : 350g Alu. Foil paper canister

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Fiber Powder Module

KKLIU 0310/2019 / MAL 14065005TC

Dietary fiber is a very important component of human nutrition. In recent years, the beneficial effects of water soluble dietary fibers have received much attention. Not all fibers are the same. Our Gucil is a 100% partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) that has been tested to be safe in promoting gut health.

Ingredients & Nutrition Panel

Ingredients: Maltodextrin (from corn)

How to Use 

Mix with Liquids

Measure required amount of Valens Carborie® using given measuring spoon. Stir Valens Carborie® into the desired amount of feeding formulas or beverages with a spoon.

Mix with Foods

Sprinkle and stir in desired amount of Valens Carborie® into pre-mixed or prepared foods such as mashed potatoes, soups, gravies, yogurt or oatmeal.


Supplying carbohydrate calories for :
  • For infants or adults requiring additional calories from carbohydrate for protein-, fat-, or mineral & electrolyte-restricted diets
  • When medical or surgical status prevents adequate intake of calories from a normal diet
  • May be used as a carbohydrate supplement to enteral nutrition formula


  • High degree of glucose polymerization
  • Lower osmolality – minimizing potential osmotic diarrhea
  • Mixes readily with most formula, food & beverages
  • Low mineral & electrolyte
  • Lactose & gluten free
  • Fat & Protein-free clear fluid




Material Safety Data Sheet

Pharmacopoeias Compliance