Complete and Balanced Immunonutrition

Essential immunonutrition containing Arginine, Glutamine, Fish Oil and Nucleotide in cancer recovery journey.

SIZE : 400g/can

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Complete and balanced immunonutrition

with high protein composition for patients with malnutrition, and hypercatabolic state following major surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Ingredients & Nutrition Panel

Immunonutrients: Arginine, Glutamine, Fish oil and Nucleotides

How to Use 

  1. Measure 190ml of water and pour into a clean cup
  2. Add 7 scoops (~77g) of Valens® Onthera+ into the cup
  3. Stir well until the powder is completely dissolved
  4. Take 1-3 servings per day or as recommended by healthcare professional


Suitable for Patients:
  • Undergoing major surgery
  • Undergoing cancer treatment eg chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • At risk of cancer-induced malnutrition/weight loss


  • Complete and Balanced formula
  • Consists of 4 immunonutrients – Arginine, Glutamine, Fish Oil and Nucleotides 
  • Calorie dense
  • High in protein [30% TEI] [25g/serving]
  • Contains of whey protein concentrate
  • Contains of CaHMB 
  • Consists of MCT oil
  • Mocha flavour

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