VALENS® Urges Consumers to Watch Out for Myotein High Whey Protein Counterfeits

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 December 2023 – Medical nutrition brand Valens Nutrition issues an urgent consumer alert regarding counterfeit versions of its product, Valens Myotein High Whey Protein. The company has discovered these fraudulent products circulating in the market pose potential health risks to consumer’s safety and health. The alert stems from a recent incident reported…

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Protein Supplement: Another Fad or Essential?

When it comes to protein, most of us would relate it strongly with bodybuilding, fitness and sports. This is a very common perception because protein plays a prominent role in building our muscles.  

However, muscles aside, Protein is also essential for various functions of the body. Commonly known as the “Building Blocks of Life” in the world of dietetics, protein’s amino acids help us to grow and repair our body cells and tissues, promote healing and recovery, regulate various metabolic functions in our body, and support our immune system as amino acids also help to produce white blood cells, antibodies and antioxidants2.

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LACTAMAMA: The Complete Lacta-Support Nutrition Supplement for Breastfeeding Mothers

Medical nutrition brand Valens Nutrition is proud to introduce its latest product: LACTAMAMA, a complete nutrition drink designed to support breastfeeding mothers’ lactation needs. A complete nutrition supplement for lactating mothers, LACTAMAMA contains a blend of key ingredients to support breastfeeding, such as Fenugreek, Lecithin and HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides), which could help to improve milk production and…

Myotein High Whey Protein is available in 2 packaging: tin and sachets | High quality protein supplement for everyone in Malaysia | Nutrition supplement helps to improve immune system

MYOTEIN: High Quality Protein Supplement to improve immune system and recovery

Valens Myotein High Whey Protein, a bioactive whey protein concentrate from the medical nutrition range Valens Nutrition, is widely used by healthcare professionals and institutions across Asia for over 15 years.   Consists of purely bioactive whey protein concentrate imported from New Zealand, Valens Myotein is completely free from flavouring, added sugar and preservatives.  Bioactive whey…